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Amanita & Rose Blindjourney

Special offer for the smaller budget!!!

From the beginning of February, I will be offering an exclusive double blind journey. In other words, two natural beings in one room.


What an exciting combination. I love it.

What does this mean exactly?

You journey either with the Rose OR with Amanita. You will be closely accompanied in the group. Meanwhile you have the privilege of getting to know the other plant/mushroom and how it is perceived by others through exchange in the group.

These two beings are COMPLETELY different. So pay attention to what calls you more. Both are absolutely magical and profound.

Normally I only ever journey with one plant or mushroom. This call is different now and I am looking forward to it.

For more info contact me directly or follow my telegram group. Link on request.

We travel online in a group for 1 month.

  • Start: Tuesday, February 6, 20:00 - approx. 22:00.

  • 5 calls. Same time every week on Tuesdays.

  • Private group chat via Telegram for the exchange

  • CHF 500 .-

  • Organic rose tea or small silicone mold (explanation when registering) must be organized by yourself (approx. 10- 20 CHF).

  • No shipping from Amanita (information from me)

Ready? Contact me for questions and registration.

Life is a ceremony


Registrations/questions via Messenger (FB) or

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