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Cosmic roots

Spring is just around the corner and my body feels wide and open to the new freshness of the warmer season.

At the beginning of October last year I dove deep with this beauty:

Blue Lotus. A master plant which touches me very much.

It was not easy at the beginning to connect with it and to feel the connection, to understand its vibration and to perceive where it wants to lead me. Blue Lotus vibrates very high, and the opportunity to be in the mountains under the guidance of a brilliant shaman helped me a lot to really connect with it and to have the patience to understand its language.

After that it was clear for me: The physical detoxification I had started continues, as well as the deep diving with Blue Lotus. This master plant demanded more space in my system.

I took three months to feel Blue Lotus in my body and let it take me on its cosmic-earthly journey.

For while its vibration is very crystalline, it has at the same time guided me honestly and directly into my body, spurring me to continue my detoxification "program".

So now I am detoxing for more than 5 months while everything in me seems to have more space, energetic clouds have dissolved as well as veils lifted and now I finally want this offer out.


3 months
Detox, build up and at the end a Blue Lotus Blindjourney.

The Detox will be:
Gentle heavy metal elimination.
As well as the frog awaits you...
We also detox mentally, emotionally and energetically
We detox all concepts

At the same time:
We give your body what it surely needs.
Natural intestinal composition
Important oils
Nutritional tips from our own experience
(For further optimization regarding minerals, nutrients, vitamins etc please consult your doctor or nutritionist)

You will receive natural, high quality products from me for the entire time.

After 6 weeks your body will joyfully want to receive the Blue Lotus and we will additionally dive into a Blindjourney for the rest of the time.

Your pineal gland will receive special attention and we will explore and enjoy our dreams.

Your liver will also joyfully receive the bitters of this medicine.

Our sexual energy will also be a topic as always and I will be guided by my own plant guidance in this regard.

Dive into the paradox that you are. Body and cosmos, existing beyond space and time and yet so involved in the game of life.


Start: Monday, April 3, 23 at 8:00 p.m.
Offline-frog /Zurich (appointment by arrangement in the group)
12 Calls Online
Price: 3800 CHF

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