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Amanita Blindjourney

"Come into our world to explore yours"...Amanita sais.

The fly agaric is probably one of the most popular mushrooms, I daresay. If only because of its playful appearance.

Amanita are masters of the world dances by being rooted in darkness. There where everything gives birth. Again and again. Out of the moment.
We travel together to your rootedness IN THE BODY and from there into the cosmic and empty spaces of existence. So much play, deconditioning, dark codes, irony and shadow clearing happens just by submitting to their energy.

She invites people to engage with her. Entrust yourself to their mysteries and creations, their playfulness and childishness, their imperturbability and potency, their strength and healing power.

The worlds merge in her presence. She has the ability to play games with you, which requires her to understand, awakening or keeping your center active. Don't underestimate her, but don't be afraid of her either. if you let yourself fall

Amanita's energy is unpredictable. It is perfect for challenging your human conditioning, disrupting it and thus rebirth the real you.

This trip IS for you:

- If you live in Switzerland or the surrounding area so that I can send you the tincture. Unless you dive in purely energetically. Just as potent in my field.

Start: By appointment (either in group or 1:1)
9 Zoom calls (coaching, deep energy work, code upgrades)
8 weeks
Intensive support in FB group throughout
Investment 2'500 CHF (group)/ 5'000 CHF (1:1)
Number of participants: minimum 3
Language German/English

Discover it yourself - follow your instinct...or the white rabbit...🐇

It will change you, deep down in your being.

Come with us.

Registrations/questions via Messenger (FB) or

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