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Whispers of nature

I love everything around plants/mushrooms, intimacy and sexuality. Pointing all in the same direction letting you fall into truth if it’s time to.

Journeying with plants/mushrooms sometimes can be quite challenging, because your mind will try to bypass the experience and make a sense out of it, while putting what you experienced into a box or giving it a meaning that doesn’t serve you.

I very often see, that if these realms are new to you, you might have some trouble to understand the language (that comes in frequency) of the medicine, merging with your consciousness. This is why i myself only offer this kind of work including the aftermath.

I love to listen to you through your chosen words of your unique experience and give it a different voice, so that you can feel the homecoming truth directly in your body.

So in case that didn’t already happen for you while or after an intense experience with plants/mushrooms, I’m here to support you in exactly this. I tune into the frequency of the plant/mushroom while you share your experience with me and we speak (or stay in silence) until you can feel the exact message crafted for you landing in your body.

It doesn’t matter to me what kind of plant or mushroom you had and how long ago it was. We will find out what is there for you floating around wanting to come home.

One-time-session 1:1.
45 min. 150.-

Or you experience it all together in an very transformational deep dive in one of my Blindjourneys


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