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VIP Transformation

You have two options for a your VIP package:

1) VIP accompaniment of at least 1-6 months in 1:1

We adapt this journey to your individual frequency. You will be VERY surprised at what becomes possible. We create a magical field online (some events will be offline), customize plantfriends to your codes, explore the authentic teachings of Tantric Sexuality and there is the possibility to schedule private offline ceremonies. You will receive tools and practices that you can implement immediately while at the same time divine guidance is finally given space.

Depending on the offer, there is also the possibility to receive Tantramassages. I am a certified tantric massage therapist.

Tantramassages have a profound, positive influence on your energy distribution and can be incredibly healing on various levels. Tantric Massages are therefore HEALING MASSAGES. Orgasmic states can be a wonderful side effect, but are not the focus. There are no happy endings for men (loss of energy) as this does not correspond to the Tantric Principle. We will make sure, that the intensity of the energy will reach higher than the lower chakras (at least to the heartlevel).

A VIP escort is only something for you if you are really ready and it fits energetically.

Topics that suggest that you are ready for such a journey can be the following:

-When you know that in your life there has to be a change.

-You struggle with the same patterns over and over again.

-Intimacy is something you lack in life.

-Your eroticism is in lockdown.

-You are tired of believing you have to be content with what you have when you feel there must be more.

-You want to rediscover and activate your being as a woman from deep within.

-You want a life that feels deeply like YOU.

-You felt like you've tried everything, with moderate success.

From 2 months onward this is a 5-digit investment


This is the queen class of a ROSENDIETA. A deep transformation process into your feminine essence.

Do you feel bored, frustrated, unsatisfied, searching, never enough, unsatisfied or just downright lukewarm? Then immersion with the rose is for you.


I accompany you exclusively in 1:1 for 5 weeks.

  • 5 Zoom calls (coaching, deep energy work, code upgrades)

  • 5 weeks

  • Intensive support via Slack in 1:1

  • Investment on request (first a free zoom call to see if we match)


Request via Messenger (FB) or

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