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Tantric Sexuality

Authentic Tantra is a spiritual and holistic practice that goes beyond the popular and often misunderstood aspects of Tantra related to sexuality. It encompasses a wide range of precise practices and teachings designed to promote personal and/or spiritual growth, intimacy and self-realization.

I am dedicated to the precious topic of Tantric Sexuality.

In a workshop of up to 6 days I introduce you to Tantric Sexuality. We will dive into the basic knowledge of the ancient scriptures, the basic building blocks of tantric sexuality, the teachings of energy and so much more.

In addition to the very exciting theoretical part with various lectures, you will also receive exercises and examples in this workshop to explore and experience for yourself what you have learned.

You are welcome, whether beginner or advanced, single or in partnership, man or woman.

You can book me for your event (e.g. with a short introduction to Tantra and Tantric Sexuality). Languages English and German.

or find out here when the next dates are.

Please note: It cannot be guaranteed that energy can be perceived, as this depends on various factors and all participants live and experience very individual lifestyles and states of consciousness.

Registration/questions via Messenger (FB) or


If you are more interested in a 1:1 setting on the topic of Tantric Sexuality (with partner or alone), a VIP accompaniment is another way to dive into it.

In a VIP setting, I also offer tantric massages upon request. Please note that a VIP accompaniment requires a commitment between 1-6 months.

 You can find more information here.

Registration/questions via Messenger (FB) or

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