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Digital Art for YOU

I see you. Who you really are behind your well cultivated and trained masks. Which coding wants to be lived by you or is already being. I recognize the potency of your naturalness, no matter how extravagant it may be.

As I speak to you or immerse myself in your field, I receive codes, colors and knowledge. Our conversation reveals active and dormant elements of your being, from which I create a very personal picture for you.

These images are powerfully activating and transformative. They should touch your true being and bring it to light.

Let yourself be enchanted.

- 2h zoom call
- Picture tailored to you
- Until the picture is ready (about 1-3 weeks) interim report and exchange via WhatsApp during the week
- Completion and handover via zoom call
- 1000 CHF

Registrations/questions via Messenger (FB) or

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