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Rapé is a powerful, powdered herbal blend. The basis is finely ground Mapacho tobacco, so-called Aztec tobacco, which is often combined with other medicinal plants from the Amazon or z. B. is supplemented with boa skin.


The Rapé ritual is deeply rooted in the tradition of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. They use the "sacred snuff", which has nothing in common with the tobacco known in the West, for various ritual purposes. Some tribes use rapé regularly, others use it only on certain occasions. 


Rapé is blown into your nose over a narrow tube (usually made of bamboo, bone or wood). One intention can be set in each case. It begins on the left, female side, which stands for death and letting go. Then you immediately switch to the right, male side, which stands for rebirth and the invitation of the new. It is important to consider both sides. 


The herbal mixture frees the frontal and paranasal sinuses from mucus and toxins, can release energetic blockages and open the third eye, which provides more clarity and intuition. With the ability to dissolve stuck thought patterns, Rapé takes us straight from the head into the body and thus into the now. 


The energy of the giver and the blowing technique are important factors in the effect of the rapé. So before administering, we always connect to the medicine through the heart. We pay her respect and gratitude.


Nature and its gifts are a gift to us, I invite you to receive them with an open heart.

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