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Dark Rose Wo*MEN

Intuition finds access to you through your upper chakras.

It fills me a lot to accompany women into their dark feminine essence and to let them feel the magic that resides within them. It brings me joy to see the intensity and expansion that can be experienced through your body and to remind you of what it means to receive versus just give.

Simply put, through the transformation of the shadows and the opening of the portals of the female body, the re-activation of her healthy instincts occurs.

Because the instinct is generated by the lower chakras. It is the nature of the feminine. It is your knowledge of their nos and the clarity of their yeses. It is your compass in perceiving the frequencies and their effects and signs of your ability to make decisions.

A wounded instinct causes much chaos and drama. Makes you repeat old patterns over and over again and keeps you stuck in old conditionings which in turn keep you small.

That is why it is so important to recognize shadows, to dissolve them and to dive deeper and deeper into your feminine essence.

Because if you have a healthy instinct, you are also the more receptive to intuition.

It is the same principle of polarity everywhere. Instinct is feminine, intuition is masculine, both go together beautifully and complement each other.

Intuition is the compass of another world, responsible for the 3D world. What's next to DO? Where do you have to act? What should you treat yourself to? So it's fast and illogical. Comes down from the sky, so to speak, and reaches you briefly and clearly and disappears again. When you learn to follow your intuition, it will guide you right through fear to help you grow. It is your soul tool.

Your instinct is CHOOSING, sorting out, the knowledge within you and the clarity when you should, for example, remove yourself from a situation or stay.

Without your feminine vessel you are not SENSITIVE to the masculine. Without the healing of your father wound and the banishing of your destructive masculine within you, you will remain trapped in control and not be able to surrender to life, to man.

It is deep work to recognize and dissolve old patterns and ideas about the masculine. And about the MOST BEAUTIFUL and HEALING thing you can do.

Recognizing the beauty, wildness, purity, power and love in the masculine and thus also in the man makes your life so much more worth living.

we need each other And that's why you can only do the work INSIDE YOU. Because choosing someone WANTING to need is pure feminine power. Because you know that you can do it on your own and yet there is this longing deep inside you to give yourself up. TO YOURSELF...THROUGH HIM...inside and out.

Dark Rose Wo*MEN - Embrace the masculine

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