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Tobacco Blindjourney

I LOVE all my offers deeply in the moment they arise out of nowhere. I love them so much, that I feel such a pull to share them. I often realize that many do not know what a blind truly journey is.

And I will not tell you. Because I don't know.

The only thing I know is that it will be a deep loving, intense, transformational, triggering, magical experience woven in your daily life and coming from there at the same time.

Tobacco is one of the main master plants in the South American shamanism.

I was a smoke-abuser in my early teens. On and off into adulthood. Until the 21.12.2012 the day called "end of the ancient Maya calendar". I knew that at 12pm there might be an energetically portal. I was working in a medical studio at that time and just took 1 minute off to connect to that portal and receive whatever if there is something for me.

Out of the blue. I never smoked cigarettes again.

Years later I found the beauty of mapacho. Nicotiana rustica. It's not about smoking. It's about connecting to the plant and being guided and activated through its codes, teachings and spirit being. It also has very strong healing, cleaning and protecting properties.

I have a lot of stories to share about it. I will in my blind journey.

But it's not about stories at all. Its about Your experience with it and the LOVE that results out of it or out of you or out of source.

It's a masculine, dominant plant. So as man or woman it is amazing to see where it touches you.

Even as a collective, I work individually also in a group setting. As you are unique in your coding and energetic vibration.

Want to be turned on by plants, by life, by you.

Listen to the call.

Tobacco blind journey
We start the 13th of September. Time depends from where in the world most people sign in.
4 weeks
4 group calls
1000 CHF

PM me or

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