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Rose Blindjourney

I could write about the rose for days.

Rose. Diva.

She was part of a massive shift in my life.

She reminded me of my natural eroticism. Feminine codes activated.

Her codes have a purity that never fails to amaze me.

Unique. Fragrant. Piercing. Gorgeous. Subsceptible. Robust. Ephemeral.

This is her expression. And so often misinterpreted. Its not just a fairytale. As if she were mainly sensuality and niceness. She likes to be reduced to that. Held in the frequency of light as a loving flower.

Love is not only found in the light.

The rose is more than just fragrance and passion.

It is dark, highly erotic, razor sharp and challenging. She demands unwavering honesty. Because where there is truth, EVERYTHING is at home.

So don't fool yourself and just trust the quiet call.

Your genitals will respond. Whether man. Whether woman.

The Rose. Your portal into the dark. Intimate and real.

And this is exactly what this journey will be:

A dance with the thorny, raw sensuality of female nature.

You will explore your taboos, look at your shame, your suppressed expression, your emotionality.
You will increase your sexual energy and make it start to move.
We will not get stuck on all the emotions, fears, traumas, and insecurities. We will see it, accept it, honor it as a teacher and then use its freed energy for LOVE.

Your Yoni needs your Love. Your Love needs your Yoni.

The Rose will bring her coding into play and help you in the process.

I will guide you through this journey, translate the language of the Rose for you in case you are new to her. I will bring my own, detached codings into this space to accelerate some processes if needed.

This journey is energywork. You do not have to believe in it in order to experience it. Your curiosity and openness is the minimum that is required to participate. No alcohol or drugs allowed during the whole month. Make sure that beside our calls you have time for some daily practice, minimum 30 min.

Your yoni is not here for the ordinary.

Awake her from the inside UP.

Start: friday, 12.4.24 at 8 pm CEST
5 zoom-calls of +/- 2 hours (weekly, every friday same time)
Closed groupchat between calls
Price 530 Euro (a 2-installment-payment is possible)
Language english
You will need to organize some biological rosepetals for yourself (price around 8-10 euro)

Registrations/questions via Messenger (FB) or

Life is a cermony

White Rose Blindjourney - YONI ALIGNMENT

What is the difference between the Dark Rose and White Rose?

The Dark Rose is about Desires, Values, Commitment, Taboos, Turn-On, Owning Your No, Play, Pleasure, Eroticism, S%3ual Energy, Lover-Energy.

The White Rose is no longer about you. It is a heavenly gift. As you honor your Yoni Temple and SHE opens to YOU, His will may be done. Because you know you are meant. Whole.

There is no destination and no right way. And we have no claim on anything.

Wednesday, 28.6.23/05.07.23/12.07.23/19.03.23 8:30pm Uhr CEST
Friday, 29.07.23 20:30 Uhr
4 weeks
5 Calls
440 CHF
Held in English or German (depending on who is in)

If you know you know.

Registrations/questions via Messenger (FB) or

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