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Mystic of the Dark Rose

My mission is to bring women back into their bodies. The activation or intensification of your sexual energy is of central importance in order to be able to live intimacy with you and your environment. The more shadows you integrate or alchemize, the clearer your channel becomes and the more energy can flow through you, which in turn activates your very own magic.

Without delving into the depths of your dark feminine essence, lack, frustration, money problems, numbness in your pussy, disconnection from your body, control and boredom in the bedroom are inevitable consequences.

In order to get into your female primal power, to understand the snake medicine in you, to be able to experience deep orgasms, you have to learn how intimacy works. You must heal the hurt and projections towards the masculine within you. You have to open up and free yourself from old wounds and patterns. You must learn to sense and read your body intelligence. You must learn to ADD yourself.

This offer is for women who have already worked with me or have already done awareness work in the field of femininity.

In Mystic of the Dark Rose we will travel fast. This involves being able to receive a lot of energy as well as being able to endure the stillness and tension of the dark feminine.


We will hold many rituals, work with plants and dive into intensive energy work.

Through my own very intensive learning and healing path, I know what intimacy and the awakening of sexual energy means and what it takes to achieve it. I know the traps of the shadows that disguise themselves as desires or serve you illusions. I can show you very precisely where you are still lying to yourself or do not see yourself.

You don't have to work on it for YEARS like me and test and try a thousand and one tools. In my field, your frequency inevitably increases. In addition to intensive energy work, I will give you a concentrated load of WORKING tools and teachings so that you can feel nourishing intimacy with yourself, your body, your lust and your life. I'll take you on a magical journey.


Hop in.

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