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Yoni Egg Deep Dive

I support women in reawakening or intensifying their sexual power. I accompany them to transform their inner emptiness, listlessness towards life, lack of fullness and intensity to rekindle the fire of the queen that they are.

Do you have the feeling of not being noticed as a woman?
Do you feel like you're not being seen as a woman?
Do you feel separated from your pussy and don't really feel it?
Does performance have a higher priority for you than enjoyment?
Do you feel disconnected from your desires?
Are you perceived more as a buddy than as a sensual partner?
Are you in a relationship and your eroticism has fallen asleep?


Then I would like to take you on a journey to yourself. The yoni egg made of precious jade stone becomes your lover for this intensive deep dive.

Would you like more pleasure, joy, self-confidence and lightness in your life?
Would you like to let yourself fall from control more and more into devotion?
Would you like to reconnect deeply with your womanhood?
Would you like to rediscover your erotic self in love with your body
Do you want to earn more money?
Are you ready to be present with yourself to experience healing?
Are you in the mood for love?


Then sign up here for your Yoni Egg Deepdive

With this online offer you have the opportunity to delve deep into your sexual power in the intimacy of your private sphere. If the pace is too fast, you can progress at your own pace.

Duration: 2 months, online offer without coaching
Price: CHF 3,500

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